ReVibra A15


Revibra A15

For the correct functioning of epithelial cells Vitamin A is essential. Retinol normalizes the formation of the stratum corneum (Keratinization) and protects the epithelial cells. Retinol protects the skin, maintaining it in good condition. Retinol is effective in the treatment of aging by reducing Wrinkles and Fine lines, by improving the process of cell regeneration, promoting the production of collage. As retinol has a natural exfoliating and smoothing action it helps in reducing wrinkles and Finelines in the face.

Indications :

  • Anti-aging agent for mature and prematurely aged skin
  • Skin discoloration

Advice on Usage

Apply Revibra A15 in Night. Revibra A15 can be used for treatment cycles of 1-2 months, which can be repeated several times in a year.

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